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Power of Attorney


A properly drafted will is the foundation of a strategic estate plan. Regardless of your age, the issue of estate planning, in conjunction with your will, is an essential element of life planning.
Your will is the final document that speaks for you after you are no longer able to, receiving skilled advice is peace of mind and prudent planning. 

Standard Fee for :

  • $650+HST for an Individual Will,

or if you and your spouse would like to execute your Wills together:

  • $1,250+HST if Mirror Wills (i.e., you will be leaving your estate to your spouse/partner); OR -

  • $1,350+HST if Individual Wills (i.e., you will be leaving your estate to beneficiaries other than your spouse/partner). 

The costs include preparation of the following documents for you: 

1. Last Will and Testament;  

2. Power of Attorney for Property; and  

3. Power of Attorney for Personal Care.  

Please note if there are any special considerations (i.e., complex distribution, etc.), additional costs will apply.  

CONTINOS LAW assists with:


Powers of Attorney for Property & Personal Care

Living Will

Estate Planning

WILLS & ESTATES: Practices
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