Examples of documents we can assist with:​


Statutory Declarations

Certified/Notarized True Copies of Original Documents (IDs, Degrees, etc.)

Travel Consent Letters

Invitation Letters

Insurance Proof of Loss Forms

Sworn Statements for Family Gift of a Used Vehicle

Name Change Applications

Out of Province/Country Real Estate Documents

Life Certificates​

CCDC 9A Contractor Statutory Declarations

CCDC 9B Subcontractor Statutory Declarations

Important Notes:

  1. Please do not sign any documents until we meet.  Signatures must be witnessed, and valid government-issued photo IDs must be verified first. 

  2. Incomplete documents/forms cannot be notarized.  If your document has a number of blanks that need to be filled in with information, this must be done prior to the meeting.  

  3. Please bring a valid (unexpired) government-issued photo ID which includes your signature.  The name on this ID must exactly match your name on the document(s).